Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Three Years Is a Long Time

Last Sunday our pianist had to stay home. Her son was sick and her husband is a chaplain onboard the John C. Stennis aircraft carrier so, as the only parent at home right now, she took care of her baby and rightly so.

Things like that happen. We call them "circumstances". As I have often told the folks who make up Kitsap Lake Baptist Church, every circumstance is an opportunity to show God how much you love Him. Indeed, our response to each circumstances reveals to the world what we truly believe about God. There are times when I think life would be easier if I would keep such deeply spiritual and insightful observations to myself. Last Sunday morning was one of those times.

After a tiring Friday and Saturday at the NWBC Student Conference, I showed God how much I loved Him but it is unlikely that the world was convinced it was love instead of torture. I "played" my guitar for the 11:00 service. Perhaps it should be mentioned that the guitar had seldom been played in the past 3+ years. There were frequent times when the voices of the worship team and congregation dramatically sang without accompaniment - a stunning affect used to make sure God can hear us over the instruments (and to allow my poor, cramping left hand to recover long enough to finger the final chord). There were even more times when this "traditional" style service ventured into a much more contemporary realm as the music was sung in one key and accompanied in another key, somewhat alien sounding, and often resembling the harmonic sound made by one of those springy door stoppers when a preschooler playfully "twangs" it.

I have never known the people to seem so eager for the sermon to begin.

Me, too.