Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Liberate Yourself Politically

The wonderful people of Kitsap Lake Baptist Church in Bremerton know that I try hard to keep politics out of what we do as God's people. As a rule, I do not discuss politics. There are more important things.

Many years ago, I made a decision: I will no longer be aligned with any political party. That decision has produced numerous benefits. Here are a few:
  • I am free from "loyalty" to any political party or agenda.
  • Distinctions between a conservative political view and a biblical view become much clearer.
  • The responsibility God places upon His own people to repent appears much greater.
  • There are more prayers "for" than "against" (things, people, etc.).
  • I am more inclined to search through information on all the candidates and issues to see who supports God's views instead of a political stance.
  • I care much more about God's truth and much less about worldly ideologies.
  • National patriotism is always subject to and filtered through patriotism to God's kingdom.
  • Arrogance cloaked in false piety is quickly evident and disgusting…especially in myself.
  • The two greatest commandments are more in our heads than in our lives.
  • Satan loves politics.
  • My "non-alignment" has made my involvement more meaningful.