Saturday, September 19, 2015


(This is a true story that happened many years ago on a particular Sunday morning.)

The youth sat in a circle during "Large Group" time. On the table were milk and brownies. They learned the brownies were made from scratch, heard the list of ingredients, and something to the effect: "There is one more ingredient but there isn't much of it so it doesn't matter. So, who wants a brownie?" A couple of youth began to get up and move toward the table until one girl asked, "What's the other ingredient?" Upon repeating that there wasn't much of it so it didn't matter, she repeated the question. Those youth who had started to come and get a brownie sat down as others began to ask the question. After reading the original list of ingredients again, the unknown ingredient was revealed: "Dog poop." At first they didn't believe it but the worker whose dog contributed the ingredient confirmed the fact.

Thankfully, no one threw up. Astonishingly, one youth said, "I don't care. I'll eat them anyway!" He was even adamant. However, those brownies were disposed of without him eating any.

The point was clear (except to the one): Purity is lost with any amount of contamination. Some of those youth (and workers) still recall that illustration. It made some things very clear and it was not uncommon to hear a response of "dog poop brownies" whenever they heard something that just didn't sit right. It was quickly abbreviated to "D.P.B." as a way to communicate the meaning to each other without seeming vulgar to those who were unfamiliar with the whole story.

All of that to say this: Since videos of Planned Parenthood executives, doctors, etc. callously, even jokingly, talking about the business of murdering babies and selling their parts to eager customers, there has been a rising wave of people defending the industry because of all the other "good things" they do.

I've seen a number of posts defending Planned Parenthood from Facebook friends, including a relative or two, and even posts by one or two former youth. But I don't believe I've seen any by those who understood the truth of the D.P.B. I hope it will continue to impact them throughout their entire life.

And now, the rest of the story:
After we got rid of the contaminated brownies, I shared that they were made after I had made two uncontaminated batches. In fact, the contaminating ingredient wasn't even allowed in the house until the pure batches were mixed, baked, divided, placed on trays, sealed, and secured away from the D.P.B. 
Still, none of the youth would eat one (again, except the one). 
I asked, "Would it help if I ate one?" 
I took one, took a bite, slowly chewed it (as they watched to see if I would throw up)…
and swallowed it.
They were satisfied and the brownies were gone in a heartbeat!

Decisions are so much easier when you have your heart set on purity. Sadly, there are so many people willing to eat the D.P.B. this world offers.

Monday, September 14, 2015

An Observation About the Pageant

I did not view the Miss America Pageant but I have read different articles and posts about it. If the reports are true, I am disheartened by the lack of logic, common sense, and morality. To illustrate why, here is a hypothetical case with hypothetical numbers (just to make a point).
Let's say a family has an annual household income of $100,000 with a take home of $80,000. Their annual cost of living, including all expenses, leaves them with just $1,000. They want to take a certain type of vacation each year that costs $10,000.
Now, let's say you give them $9,000 but with the strict stipulation that they are to use it on cost of living expenses and are not allowed to use any of the $9,000 on vacation. Oh my, how frustrating. How can they possibly observe the stipulation but still take the specific vacation?
Low and behold!… After they use the $9,000 to pay on their annual cost of living, it turns out they have and extra $10,000 (the $1,000 originally left over plus the $9,000 they didn't need to use on cost of living due to your generosity).
How does that taste? Does the logic sit well with you?
If it does, then you could have been a contestant in the Miss America Pageant because that was the kind of "math" used for justifying the government continuing to give massive amounts of money to Planned Parenthood.
By the way, if I have offended you, I'm not against taking help from gullible people. Send me $10,000 each year so Cathy and I won't spend all of our income on necessary expenses. We really need to take a cruise or two each year.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Self-Labeled Christian

I just read an article (linked on a Facebook post) titled, "Four Reasons–From A Christian Perspective–Why Kim Davis Is 100% Wrong".

It should have been titled, "Four Reasons–From Someone Who Labels Himself A Christian–Why Kim Davis Is 100% Wrong."

Each one of his four reasons was from a human/worldly perspective and, therefore, were weak. The closest it came to referencing God's word was: "The Bible actually says nothing whatsoever about same-sex marriage." Does any faithful follower of Jesus Christ actually buy that? By that "logic", so many horrible things must be perfectly fine because the Bible "says nothing whatsoever about" them from the author's perspective. He then goes on to do what has become more and more popular among Christians: Talk trash about Christians in general (and usually the church), especially if they differ from him. I should have known better since the subheading of his blog is "Jesus, Politics & Bathroom Humor." That is not a misquote, either. So a Christian finds that bathroom humor is a proper thing to put out there for the world as a part of following after Christ. After all, nowhere in the Bible does it use the phrase "bathroom humor" so it must be okay. And we all know what a political activist Jesus was.

So, down to the matter at hand: The self-labeled Christian. To be clear, this is referring to our habit (or need?) to verbally or in writing give ourselves the label. There are probably some scholars who can tell us when this began. Although I am not able to pin a date on it, we can be reasonable certain it did not occur until "Christian" was no longer a term of derision and it even enjoyed a degree of acceptance outside the ecclesia. But when the label was created, it was done so by others who observed the lives of Christ followers in Antioch and decided they were all acting (or at least trying to act) like Jesus. Looking at Acts 11:26, they were simply called "disciples" (learner/pupil) until it was too obvious whose pupil they were.

Have parts of God's church ignored its Cornerstone so much and for so long that we have created a new and commonly accepted definition and identify of "Christian"? In truth, I have known less than a handful of people who, because of their actions, were labeled "Christians" by those outside the church. It is always my goal to live so that people see Christ in me and call me by that identity. It is also a goal to not take His name in vain as in the article I just read. I would rather be like Peter and John in Acts 4:13 – "Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus."

If you were arrested for being a Christian,
Would there be enough evidence to help convict you?
If they took you in front of a panel of judges,
Could they find a staunch witness to help convict you.
Or would they find somebody who's seen you in the shadows,
But they couldn't repeat all the naked truth they know?
Would the prosecution have the evidence to hang you,
Or would the Master suffer by your show?

If they put you in prison for being a Christian,
Would they have enough evidence to help confine you?
If they gave you a chance to obtain your freedom,
Would you stand your faith or would you deny him?
Would you cop a plea just to save your earthly body,
And let Satan win the soul Jesus bought to save?
Would the prince of darkness win you for his gallows,
Would the Judgement Day see God send you away?
Gary S. Paxton, Evidence, 1977 (hear it here)