Monday, December 17, 2012

Listen and Shut Up

I know that's getting it backwards since it is more commonly expressed as "Shut up and listen!" However, the greater need is to listen. If I will do that, the need for keeping quiet more will take care of itself.

Why should I listen more? Simple: People want to know they have value and they express that need by expressing themselves. When others listen, their value is confirmed.

Evidence? How about the seemingly limitless blogs (such as this one), verbal posts on social media (such as Facebook), audio and video posts (such as on youtube and vimeo), and constant text messaging or emails? I have rarely (I can remember it happening only once in my lifetime) witnessed a person responding to another person's pontification with anything like, "Wow! I've never thought of it that way before. My total outlook and opinion have just been reversed. I am so glad you shared your superior point of view so my life could be changed."

In truth, we wish that would happen every time we express ourselves but we know it doesn't. But that doesn't stop the flow. Why? After all, the political and social climate remains the same despite our clear, logical, and divine revelations that contain enough wisdom to straighten up most problems. Again, we want to be valued and it is enough affirmation just to have someone listen to or read what we say even if it is someone who already agrees with us or someone who reacts strongly against what we express.

Therefore, I need to resolve to let people know they have value by listening to them more and expressing myself less.

Wow! I am so glad I shared this. My life has been changed!

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