Sunday, December 11, 2011

Convicted Toward Compassion

This morning I had the privilege of preaching from Matthew 9:35-38; 14:13-14; Mark 6:30-34; and Matthew 20:29-34. The emphasis was on compassion (splagchnizomai). The flow was pretty basic/simple: Showing (true) compassion flows from having compassion which follows connecting (identifying) with the people when you love (agape) them made possible by dying to self. There were two things for which I was very grateful: 1. In the second service there was someone who could pronounce the Greek word for me; 2. In both services it was evident to me that God was touching minds, hearts, and spirits. Though being the one preaching, I was as much a recipient of the work of God as everyone else.

During this Christmas season, may God's children "carpe diem"—seize the day (opportunity)—while our neighbors, fellow workers, classmates, shoppers, etc. are more receptive to hearing about God's love. As we do, we will witness not the results of our own charismatic witness, but the results of God's continued work through broken vessels.